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A year on, this iconic Apperley Bridge restaurant is still the busiest restaurant going. Whether it’s a Tuesday or a Saturday, it is always full. To say many restaurants are half full on a weekend, this tells its own story.

Aldo, the on-hand owner, is constantly endeavouring to improve the diner’s experience, recently installing acoustic ceiling art to absorb the reverb noise. It has made such a difference. If anyone has not been recently due to the noise levels, go back as the difference is staggering.

The menu remains pretty much unchanged; however, the specials are changed daily. Superb fish and pasta specials keep the menu invigorating and indeed varied for the regular diners (and there are plenty of those). Aldo’s is one of those restaurants that will offer a banging night out with a guaranteed buzz. The place is old-style Italian, with Aldo on hand meeting and greeting, shaking hands and making everyone feel special; his staff are mainly young and attractive, all with smiles and, boy oh boy, do they work hard!

We ordered mussels to start – bear in mind the month did not have an ‘r’ in it. However, we were reliably informed that is no longer true as most mussels are now farmed. They were right – the mussels were plump and just what the doctor ordered.

For mains we had penne pasta, £9.70, and seabass, £15.50. The pasta was al dente and perfectly spiced. The portion was too big, to be honest, and I left half of it as I was full. I hate complaining about big portion sizes; I suppose complaining is the wrong word, more of an observation. Most people would probably prefer a bigger rather than smaller portion. I just kept nibbling at it as it was so nice. I was then too full for a pudding – probably best for the waistline anyway.

I tasted the seabass – it was spot on. Seabass needs precision cooking; 30 extra seconds’ cooking either way and it’s wrong, but this was ideal. The portion size was perfect. We had it with fries; as a good Yorkshire lad I know my chips and these chips were ‘right good chips’.

We did actually share a crème brûlée, well I had two spoonfuls. It passed the three-spoon test; it is said that, for a crème brûlée to be good, it needs to crack when the teaspoon hits the top on the third light hit. It passed the test and it was creamy to boot – a good crème brûlée.

Try Aldo’s Italian, it is a good all-round restaurant, with a great atmosphere and funky lively staff. The food is good, too.

927-929 Harrogate Rd,
Bradford BD10 0RB
Tel: 01274 270802

Aldo’s Italian
The Good
Buzzing atmosphere
The Bad
Huge portions!

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