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Six semi-secret Spanish islands

La Gomera: The Roque de Agando is a massive volcanic monolith.

La Gomera has a number of nicknames, including ‘the land that time forgot’ and Jurassic Park, thanks to its unspoilt landscape of centuries-old forests, clinging to sheer rocky cliffs like bespoke tapestries. La Gomera has over 40 signposted viewpoints but you won’t miss the Roque de Agando – a volcanic monolith that juts from the earth like a prehistoric signpost. Lush laurel forests carpet the island and a stroll through the Parque Nacional de Garajonay feels like walking through an enchanted wood.

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Men, strict health care and regular doctor’s visits go together like oil and water. It’s probably because of this stubbornness and unwillingness to make regular visits to our doctor or have preventative screenings, take symptoms seriously and live a healthier lifestyle, that we die an average seven years before women do.

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