New competition every Friday, winners are announced every Thursday at 1pm! See last weeks competition winner.


1 – Competition WINNERS must respond to us and GET a reply within 30 days of the winner being announced

2 – The winner will have to COMMENT on the page where they are announced within 7 days and must contact Esteem Publications within that same time period if this is not adhered to the competition winner will be annulled.

3 – All prizes will have to be picked up from either the supplier or ESTEEM`s HQ. (Unless otherwise stated) Postage can be arranged – however the winner will have to pay the postage.

4 – No prize can be exchanged for monetary value

5 – If a client ceases trading or refuses to offer the competition prize, prior to the winner using or receiving it. ESTEEM cannot be held responsible or liable for the prize or the value.

6 – It is the responsibility of the winner to get in touch with ESTEEM to give us full contact details

7 – ESTEEM does not have any responsibility to offer evidence or proof of where the winner comes from or which platform

8 – In the event of two or more people with the same name winning. ESTEEM we refer to the original winners post – that person will be made clear on Facebook should it be deemed necessary by ESTEEM

9 – Entries will on be accepted on social media if all the T & Cs mentioned on the competition are adhered to

10 – Competitions are totally at ESTEEM`s discretion and can be stopped at any time

11 – If for any reason ESTEEM decide the winner is not worthy, after announcing the winner. ESTEEM has the right to cancel that winner and pick a new one

12 – Entries through email will have just as much chance of winning as entries on social media

13 – ESTEEM cannot be held responsible for any errors, both financially or regarding the prize

14 – If a prize is damaged or in any way defective – ESTEEM cannot be held responsible. It is the supplier that needs to be contacted


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