Eight skincare products, which probably don’t work

Toners may dry out your face

Opt for serums instead. “Patients love toner because of its cool, refreshing sensation, but toners do not provide any benefits and may even dry out or irritate the face,” a dermatologist told us, “You’d be better off spending that money and effort on products that work.” She recommended using a benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning and retinoids at night if you have acne-prone skin.

Expensive washes, moisturisers, sunscreens and retinoids aren’t always worth their high price tags

Sometimes own brands products will do the trick. Luxury brand products may seem like they’re better formulated because of their huge price tags. Save your money for serums containing growth factors and peptides. 

Oral or topical collagen supplements likely won’t penetrate your skin

Your skin probably isn’t getting the benefits. You’ve seen all the collagen supplements on the market that promise to give you the skin of your dreams. But they’re generally a waste of money. .Collagen and elastin are large protein molecules which are present in our dermis. Applying these topically or ingesting them will not benefit our skin because the molecules will not penetrate the epidermis to get to the dermis.

There isn’t much evidence supporting the benefits of exfoliating scrubbing brushes

Danny Del Campo, a dermatologist, suggested sticking to treatments with clinical evidence when it comes to your skin. You might want to think twice before investing in an expensive scrubbing brush, Danny told ESTEEM. “Exfoliating facial-scrubbing brushes have very limited evidence, and I often find patients spending hundreds of pounds on these devices.”

Stretchmark creams likely
won’t work

Talk to a dermatologist if you are bothered by the appearance of stretchmarks. If you’re looking to deal with some pesky stretchmarks, unfortunately, a pricey cream won’t do much to help, said a dermatologist. “The problem is under the skin in the dermis layer, and topical medications cannot penetrate to that area to fix the issue.” If your stretchmarks are really bothering you, go to see a board-certified dermatologist.

Make-up removers won’t work as well as cleansers

Cleansing your face should be enough. Buying a separate make-up remover is a waste of money, Find an effective and gentle cleanser for your face, and use it on a regular basis.

Commercial subscription lines aren’t worth their high costs

You can often find the same ingredients for cheaper. Product lines that promise to fix your acne are almost never worth the money, said dermatologist Marcy Alvarez. “You can often find the same active ingredients in many other branded, over-the-counter products at a cheaper price and without the monthly commitment.”

Cellulite creams have no research to back them up

Skip the pricey products when it comes to cellulite. Just like stretchmark cream, cellulite cream is a bust. Pretty much every cellulite cream out there is a scam and has no research to back it up. Skip the pricey products and seek out the advice of professionals when it comes to cellulite.

Milk and turmeric

Here’s another remedy to make your underarm hair grow slowly and get thinner every time. All you need is:

• 3 tsp turmeric powder

• 1 tsp milk.

Easy, right? Now mix these two into a thick paste and apply it to your underarms for 20–30 minutes until the paste is completely dry. When the time’s up, take a flannel, wet it with warm water, and rub the mask off with circular motions. After that, wash what’s left and dry with a towel. Repeat regularly for a visible effect.

Turmeric and baking soda

This remedy is really easy to make, and the results come faster than you’d think.

1. Add 1 part turmeric to 2 parts baking soda and mix it with water.

2. Add the water gradually while mixing the ingredients to form a thin paste.

3. Apply it to the armpits and let dry.

4. Rub the mixture away with your hands, then wash and pat the armpits dry.

Remember that turmeric has a bright orange colour, and your skin may change a bit, so be patient and prepare for more rubbing.

Egg white and cornflower

Have you ever tried a peel-off face mask? If the answer is yes, you probably know it’s more effective at removing body hair than it is at removing blackheads. So why not make this kind of mask for your underarms?

1. Crack an egg, pour the white into a bowl, and put the yolk away.

2. Add ½ tbsp cornflower, 1 tbsp sugar and stir thoroughly.

3. Apply the paste to the hairy area and leave until dry (yes, you’ll have to sit with your arms up, so be patient). After that, say bye to your hair and peel it off!

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