Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbena Spa


Arriving at the Feversham Arms on an evening is atmospheric, to say the least. The reception area has a warm golden glow from outside. The reception staff warmly welcomes you, and then you see the outdoor heated pool that emits waves of steam into the moodily-lit outside area. It is very haunting and extremely inviting; it almost feels like Dracula is about to emerge from the mist.

Adjacent to the pool is the outdoor hot tub. The jewel of this hotel’s crown, this affords one of the most wonderfully inviting hotel scenes one might ever encounter. I can imagine on a hot summer’s day sunbathing all day, drinking cocktails.

We stayed in Suite 36, which had a bathroom, king-size bed and separate living area. The bed was very comfy with good quality linen. Our room overlooked the pool, which we could see from its wooden veranda; this was very tired and in need of some TLC.

We had pre-dinner drinks in the homely bar area. The staff was great – not at all pompous. We were disappointed that the bar offered no lagers or beer on draught, and the bar section could have also benefitted from some attention and some new, up-to-date furniture.

The restaurant is possibly the second jewel in the venue’s crown; however, a bit of light music would have gone some way to masking the conversations that could be easily overheard, especially from a large table of ladies who overwhelmed the ambient noise levels.

The food and presentation, though, were off the scale. The new chef here certainly is a step or three above most good chefs. The amuse-bouches, and everything that followed, were as good as from any two Michelin-star restaurant. Each course was better than the previous, and each dish looked like a photograph from a glossy food magazine. Foodies, this is the place for you.

We had a right proper Yorkshire breakfast in our room. The plates were hot, therefore the breakfast kept hot, which is not typical when getting room service. The top-notch breakfast was grease-free and very good quality, and came with about eight jars of jam and marmalade, which found their way in our cases … The only negative was the £10 room service charge, which I felt was unnecessary.

As I was leaving I got a chance to chat to a manager, so I expressed the flaws I had observed. He was well aware of them and told me about the imminent renovation programme, promising that by the summer the hotel would no longer look tired. I could tell he was passionate, and I did express this did not affect our experience.

Overall, the Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbena Spa is a great venue with a stunning pool and restaurant, but at the moment it needs a little TLC.

1–5 High St,
Helmsley, York,
YO62 5AG,
Tel: 01439 770766,

Feversham Arms Hotel & Verbena Spa
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