Natural ways to detox

Body detoxing in regular intervals can provide remarkable health benefits.

• Hydrate. Drinking water is a great way to increase energy and deplete toxins at the same time. It is suggested to drink at least five to eight servings of water daily.

• Stop putting unnecessary toxins into your body. This can be accomplished by avoiding alcohol and smoking. These are not only dangerous for your health, but can have long-lasting negative side-effects.

• Maximise vegetable intake. This can aid in the fight against harmful toxins. Fresh, brightly-coloured vegetables are healthier than processed foods.

• Green tea. Not only is green tea used as a natural body cleanser, it also supports weight loss and improves energy.

• Sweating. Sweating helps support proper immune functions and prevents an overload of toxins in the body.

• Yoga and meditation. These practices can be a source of detoxification. Both are also great stress relievers.

• Limit sodium intake. Sodium promotes bloating in the body, causing your body to hold onto an excess of water, causing weight gain. Although the weight gain is temporary, the toxins in your body can linger; even after the water weight is gone.

• Avoid sleeping directly after eating. Sleeping is a great way to cleanse your body; however, if done directly after a meal it can have less than desired effects. S

• Set a sleep schedule.  This can assist in regulating and detoxifying your body, promote normal sleep habits and overall health.

These simple tips can be applied to your everyday life to promote a natural and safe way to detox.

• Eliminate foods made from white flour from your diet

• Stay away from dangerous trans fats

• Incorporate weight training into your exercise routine

• Maintain your optimal weight

• Drink alcohol only in moderation

• Protect your prostate

• Masturbate to prevent cancer and boost immunity

• Maintain vigorous sexual activity

• Maintain close relationships.

And remember, guys, we really do need to start communicating our health problems to one another and our doctors, the same way that women do. Learn to share the details of your health as easily as you share rugby or soccer scores and dirty jokes down at the pub, and you could add years to your life.

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