Improve your mental health

ESTEEM has collated a go-to list of easily accessible products and health regimes that you can incorporate into your daily life to reduce stress and help improve your mental health.


Lavender oil Since 1937 lavender has been used to create a sense of calmness, by reducing stress and anxiety. This is done by nasal inhalation, found in many forms, such as sachets which you can place under your pillow, sprays which you can insert into
a diffuser, as well as oils and lotions.

Kava Kava root has been shown in several studies to have an impact similar to Valium yet is completely natural; swallowing three 50 mg tablets three times a day can dramatically decrease stress levels.

Rosemary This herb can work effectively as an antidepressant. you can even use in a diffuser. Studies show rosemary can also increase memory performance by up to 75%.

Thyme This is a great source of lithium which can aid sleep (when placed under a pillow) and is a good natural mood stabiliser.

Rhodiola This plant increases resistance to stress, and improves memory and energy. It can be infused to make a tea or taken in tablet form.



Studies show that exercise can help depression as effectively as medication. Exercise is a powerful depression fighter. Why? It releases endorphins, and promotes changes in the brain by introducing new activity patterns that stimulate feelings of calmness and wellbeing.


Meditation is especially beneficial for reducing stress. It also reduces depression and anxiety by changing your mindset, and allows you to reach a calm and relaxed place. A simple meditation is to completely relax, close your eyes and focus on your breathing without trying to control it. You can meditate at home or visit a class at your local yoga studio.


Quality sleep can be maximised by; avoiding caffeine drinks and carbs after 2 pm, not drinking fluid three hours before sleep to avoid needing the toilet, and avoiding smart devices for at least one hour before bedtime. Invest in a copper infused pillow or pillowcase, which have heat dispersing properties to aid a temperature-controlled night’s sleep; as a bonus it also improves the pro


Essential oils are used to promote health and wellbeing. The oils can be added to a warm bath or diffuser. Oils that are known to relieve anxiety are; bergamot, clary sage, grapefruit, Roman chamomile and ylang ylang.


The most beneficial massages are shiatsu or Thai, which will enhance the flow of energy through the body and help improve mental and physical balance. By using oils as mentioned above, an aromatherapy massage will relax, energise and reduce anxiety that may lead to struggles with mental health.

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