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Charity work is a major part of my life and ESTEEM's ethos. This is a brief history of what we have achieved for various charities over the last 18 years.

Our first charity ball was around 15 years ago, we held our first ball, which was far from a ball it was a fund raiser – and what a fundraiser it was. We held it at what was Cellar V in Guiseley, we raise £21,000 for Cancer Research. Our second year we raised money for Leukaemia research and in one evening we raised £25,000. Year three we had a ball at a restaurant in Shipley, that year we were raining for a local hospice. We raised £32,000. Year four saw us raise money for the deaf and blind society, raising £12,000. Year five we decided to help two little local boys, one requiring a prosthetic leg the other suffering from a terminal illness. We raised just over £21,000.

We have also sponsored Yarnbury a local rugby union club – we sponsored the first team, and had our logo blazoned all over the shirts.

After this we got involved in St Georges Crypt and Child Line, with the help of many other volunteers we had the immense privilege of meeting some wonderful people. People who really have it hard – we don’t have it hard, we think we do. If you ever get the chance to help anyone homeless – please do. They are generally suffering from mental health; they are not the drug infused alcoholics you might think they are – everyone I have met have been inspirational and a joy to talk to.

Child Line is so very sad, to think we sit comfortable of an evening or enjoy our weekends whilst a child is getting abused somewhere really disturbs us at ESTTEM. Today’s society can be very cruel. To date with help, ESTEEM has raised over half a million pounds.

Recently with the fantastic help of Bar 166 in Horsforth, we are helping host a golf charity day to raise money for St Georges Crypt. If you’re interested in playing please get in touch.

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