Roxy Lanes Leeds


Not what you might expect!

After taking 10 minutes to find the place, we were greeted with great music, exuberant staff, and people laughing and having fun. It was kind of like an adult playground, with the most eclectic bunch of people in one place you may ever see – from suits to mums, and young couples to groups of hipsters.

There is no getting away from the fact that this place is a bit hidden; however, once you have found it, it is worth it. If you like funky venues with lots of quirk then Roxy Lanes is for you. Oh, also it has bowling alleys, American-style food, an amazing bar and beer pong. There is something going on in every corner.

We decided to eat first, as we were out on a session. We needed the obligatory stodge to soak up the copious amounts of alcohol we were getting ready to consume that day. Yes ‘day’, as we arrived at 1 pm on a Friday.

The menu is mainly homemade pizzas, burgers and sides. The food is best described as ‘gourmet fast food’, I guess. We ordered a Dirty bird pizza, a Hot shot pizza, a Roxy beast burger (the biggest burger you will ever see) and sides. The pizzas were lush and not what I was expecting, to be honest; these kinds of venues usually throw out mass-produced crap. The produce was fresh, cooked well and tasted really very good. The burger was astonishing. It was about 8 inches tall with two burgers, two chicken breasts, bacon, cheese, sauce and whatever else. I was embarrassed eating it, or trying to eat it; however, it was bloody good, as were the pizzas and the sides of chicken wings – you get the picture.

We had several beers; this place prides itself on artisan beers, it turns out. I did end up on G&Ts, as I always do, and they had enough brands to keep me going. We then had two games of bowling. The bowling allies are not as long as the usual ones, which was good as I could not see to the end by this stage …

We stayed for around two hours and had a lot of fun. I have to be realistic with this review – I would not normally choose this kind of venue to go to on a Friday as I am a Bar & Grill type of guy. But we all had a great time and we got talking to some really nice people.

The bowling is almost a side thing to the bar. Many people were there just drinking, some had just gone in for food, whilst others wanted everything.

Roxy Lanes is a super alternative bar to your usual night/day out. Yes, there are single people and lots of ‘em, so it’s also a good place to socialise and show off your beer pong skills – not that I had any.

Loud, funky fun that offers an alternative to the humdrum.

Bond Street, Leeds, LS1 5BQ

T: 0113 467 2300


Roxy Lanes Leeds
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Authentic, rustic food
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Its not a secret anymore!

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