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Let’s face it; the doorway to The Savoy in London is iconic, alongside the logo and the doormen flanking the slightly intimidating entrance.

We were booked in on a Friday. We arrived by taxi to be greeted by doormen opening our door and offloading our luggage, then helping us out of the taxi. As we entered the vestibule entrance our luggage disappeared. We were instantly met by a charming lady with an iPad. I might add there is no reception, just staff subtly milling about looking to help the confused guests. She somehow knew who we were. She
welcomed us and showed us to our suite.

Staying at The Savoy was a lifelong ambition, so we were a rather in awe. Everything was so very quintessentially English; I almost expected Queen Victoria to emerge from behind a copy of The Times. We entered a red lift that had a sign on it saying it was England’s first electronic lift, installed in 1896. It had a bench on which to sit down and was decorated in an almost Chinese style. I have never been so excited
to be in a lift.

As we entered our suite, the lady said our butler would be along soon – oh yes – our butler! We immediately realised we were in the most impressive hotel room we had ever been in. The bed was made from clouds; the linen was ooooooooooh so
lovely. The living room was best described as somewhere you might expect the Prime Minister to have a cosy meeting. Everything was so indulgent, yet inviting. The mini bar needs to be renamed as the full-sized bar, with so many bottles of Champagne, it was shocking. It just kept getting better and better. Then we opened the curtains and wow – the view over the Thames was spectacular; we had The London Eye to
the right and the OXO Tower to the left. There is no superlative to describe how we felt. Whilst I do not wish to prognosticate,
I guess it’s not too difficult to surmise the quality or the balance of my humble review.

The cocktail bar we entered was full by 7 pm and was proliferating rapidly, mainly by older couples, with a smattering of singletons looking like they were on the prowl for rich pickings (best place ever to people-watch). The décor was mainly black, but it worked. I guess you would never know if it was day or night in there. It was remarkably laid-back, no feel of snobbery or uneasiness. I understand there are three other bars, which we did not look for; however, I guess they were all amazingly beatific.

The live music in between the bar and restaurant was a very nice touch. They were playing easy listening music in a gazebo-
style structure that had a hypaethral feel too it. The ladies serving wore lovely dresses, whilst the men wore long tails – all very English.

The seafood restaurant we dined in was too cool for school- very impressive yet cleverly understated. The staff were down to earth yet professional, and all in all a perfect symbiotic harmony of being advertent without breaking boundaries. The food? Well this was unquestionably the finest fish restaurant food we had ever encountered. Forget everything; your life,  your work, your career – go eat here and order the lemon sole. One word: palmary.

I could go on and on and on but I won’t – I will just say this: try Kaspar’s fish restaurant at The Savoy in London. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

For breakfast at The Savoy, one sits around the gazebo/atrium drinking from charming china cups and saucers, with über quality cutlery. You must experience this once in your life. The quality and service of everything was on point, as you might expect. The staff were lovely, engaging in conversation  whenever you wanted.

Check-out was as easy as check-in; everything ran smoothly. Before we knew it our luggage was in the taxi, the door open and a hearty goodbye. The only down side was that we were not there another night. This hotel and restaurant were, without question, one of the highlights of my life. My wife and I were
made to feel special and never once felt out of our depth. The Savoy – if you can afford it – should be on your radar.  Especially Kaspar’s – this will not be the last time I see you …!

Rating: 5/5*

Savoy London,
Strand, London, WC2R 0EZ
Tel: 020 3828 7113

Savoy London
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The lemon sole in Kaspar’s
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Expensive room service

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