The strawberries and Champagne diet

Every single day is so special and is meant to be celebrated! Celebrate today by including some form of strawberries and champagne into every meal, here’s how to do it


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who said it had to be boring? I feel that breakfast should really be enjoyed. That is why strawberries and champagne jam makes the perfect spread for my morning toast, whether plain toast, French toast or pancakes. It is best enjoyed however you prefer. You could also make your very own strawberries and champagne syrup for pancakes. You don’t have to be in America to enjoy pancakes. Try banana pancakes.


Strawberries and champagne vinaigrette make the perfect salad for lunch! I like to top my salad with apples, goat cheese, and of course strawberries! One of my very favourite meal combinations, this salad is a delicious addition to soup or sandwiches.


I never thought it would be possible to find dinner recipes incorporating strawberries and champagne, but I did! A simple strawberry-champagne soup makes the perfect, light dinner. Serve this soup with a light, herb cheese and crackers. This is a wonderful meal for those occasions when you are dieting or simply want to enjoy a tasty, lighter dinner. Plus, if you want to splurge later, you can always enjoy more strawberries and champagne!


I have always enjoyed desserts, and what better way to have dessert than by combining it with a classy, chic favourite? There are just so many different strawberries and champagne dessert recipes that I don’t even know where to start! You can always go with the classic – strawberries and champagne cupcakes. This classy dessert is just perfect for girly parties, bridal brunches, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more.

A unique twist on this girly classic is strawberries and champagne cheesecake. Make this recipe for your next girls’ night, and your friends will be so impressed! Top the cheesecake with strawberries, and drizzle it with a delicious dark and white chocolate combination.

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