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Right off the cuff I am putting it out there that this restaurant is superb, as are the über-friendly staff. I cannot praise it highly enough.

This is directly from the restaurant’s website:

“Experience mouth-watering Greek and Turkish cuisine in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The Agora restaurant is perfect for a spot of lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday or a delicious dinner every evening.

“We are a family-run business, serving a variety of authentic dishes made from only the finest and freshest ingredients. When you choose from our varied menu or ask about our daily specials, you will instantly discover more about authentic Greek and Turkish cuisine.

“From our varied meze platters and slow cooked Kleftiko to our homemade Baklava and imported Mythos and Efes beers. The Agora gives you a real flavour of the culinary delights of the Aegean.” I could not have put it any better.

The owners and staff are so lovely and genuinely friendly. You almost feel like you are in their home. They treat you like friends, even the young staff in their waistcoats (that look a little odd on them …) are friendly; not your typical millennial with a miserable face. I enjoyed chatting to them.

The food is authentic and quite plentiful. To start, we had king prawns that were cooked perfectly. How they offered that many for that price surprised me – extremely good value.

The mains were to die for. All were excellent, but our mixed seafood platter of salmon, bass, prawns, etc., was the star of the show. The fish was exquisite – the seasoning was spot on and it even arrived on fire to add a little theatre. The presentation was just as impressive as the taste. It was the perfect combination accompanied with rice, as I did not want the flavour of the fish drowned out by anything else.

The atmosphere was conducive to an evening of good food and good fun. The live singer made us feel like we were on holiday (the venue hosts live piano music with Sam Levon pianist, and singer, every second and fourth Friday of the month). I was really disappointed that I had driven, as I was settling into good food and a few drinks, but alas I could not drink much; I sooooooo wanted to as was enjoying the holiday vibe.

Since dining here my wife has been twice with friends and one of them has been three times. My only disappointment is it’s taken me three years to discover The Agora.

It is located on New Road Side in Horsforth. You can park right outside, which is a bonus as it was throwing it down the night we ate there. It was 7 pm and the restaurant was already three-quarters full.

The two-course offer runs from Sunday to Thursday ALL DAY, for £14.95 (except special days and the Christmas period). The Agora is open for lunch on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 pm.

Super restaurant and even better staff.

The Agora
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