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Fitted in three days – best quote – traditional family firm – could not be happier!

My name is Neil Saville. I am the owner/editor of ESTEEM. In 17 years I have never written a personal recommendation for any company, as I believe it could open a can of worms. So, why now?

We recently downsized and moved to a new house. My wife was used to having a separate dressing room (which was great, as she did not clatter around our bedroom and all her make-up was in her own room …), but she missed having one. So, we decided to get some quotes. The first one came in at over £14,000, the second over £9,000 – I have to say I was shocked. I decided to get Harval Fitted Furniture to give us a quote. As advertisers in ESTEEM, maybe I should have considered them earlier (my mistake).

The son of the owners met with my wife, and he sorted out her requirements. He actually gave her a price there and then. We spoke about it the following day – her words were “What a nice guy, very genuine. He listened to everything I wanted and offered useful options. I love the concept and they seem very genuine”. I rang the following day and placed the order – oh and they were far more reasonable than the other quotes, for the same high quality, plus they offered one or two additional options.

Around six weeks later the workmen arrived. First thing was to cellophane over all the carpets. So far, I was impressed as I had got dust covers at the ready – not required, Sir! Three days later we had a fully fitted beautiful dressing room. No mess, no traumas, no snagging – still three months on and one very happy wife.

I took pictures (see left and above) of the job from an empty room to the finished product. I can honestly say that dealing with Harval was a joy from start to finish. Even the tradesmen were polite and professional. The quality of everything from the actual quality of the furniture to the Harval family (Har is for Harry and Val for Valerie) service to the tradesman, even the secret box of chocolates left in the cupboard, was first class. They are based in Rawdon and Wakefield and the Rawdon shop is open on Sundays – yippee, you can now shop on a Sunday, too!

I do know they fit offices and kitchens, as well. If you are looking at the moment, please consider this traditional family firm. As I said, I have never recommended any company in 17 years.

Thank you Harval – this one is on me

2 Leeds Road, Rawdon,

Leeds, LS19 6AX 

Leeds: 01132 029696,  Wakefield: 01924 270121

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