The funkiest opticians in the UK

We pay a visit to Bespoke eyewear in Harrogate.

Imagine a Victorian apothecary that was established in 1845 and remains unchanged since then. Now imagine an opticians that stocks not only ‘normal’ glasses and sunglasses, but also some of the funkiest frames you may ever see. Now imagine amalgamating ye olde shoppe with a funky opticians. Now you have Bespoke Eyewear.

You might even  bump into a celebrity in this eclectic dispensary – the likes of Ian Wright, Micah Richards, Danny Mills, Andy Cole and Alan Shearer all shop here.

Bespoke Eyewear is one of those shops that make you double take as you walk or drive past. It  has so much history and charm harmonised with über modern styles making for an interesting combination. But be under no illusion; this is a serious opticians. Jonathan Nixon FBDO is the owner and a fully-licensed and trained dispensing optician.

Brands such as Tomas Maier, Res Rei, Feb31st, Paul & Joe and Barberini make Bespoke Eyewear a truly unique opticians. I asked Jonathan why he did not stock famous brands like Gucci, Armani, Ray-Ban, etc. and he replied “Most major brands are owned by one or two companies, just rebranded and reproduced. I want to supply the very best at the most competitive prices. But don’t think that being in Harrogate means expensive; in fact, quite the opposite; my clients know the value of everything. We supply glasses from £50–£1,500. We stock over 1,000 frames and in excess of 200 styles of sunglasses. We are just installing a new hearing aid clinic, to aid the community even more”.

Bespoke Eyewear is essentially an opticians that caters for a wider-than-normal spectrum of clients. Yes, it caters for the regular client that wants an eye test and regular glasses. It also caters for the more flamboyant client. But the constant thing  is the quality of service and value.

Bespoke Eyewear
4 Royal Parade,

Harrogate HG1 2SZ
Tel: 01423 520330

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