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We were spoilt for choice

I must be honest; I rarely choose to dine out at a steak restaurant, as I believe I can cook a steak at home for a third of the price and cook it just as well. If I dine out, I usually want something I would struggle to cook at home. That said, I had heard many reports about how much better 

The Ilkley Cow is now it’s not ‘The Moody Cow’! I had also heard gossip about it going bust, alongside a plethora of varied reports.

Let’s set the record straight; the restaurant has never gone bust. It’s awful when any business is trying hard and gossipers endeavour to hurt that business with misinformation – this is one of the reasons I chose to review it. Rob, the new owner, bought the restaurant from the previous owners. Rob was the head chef at the highly acclaimed Gaucho in Leeds.

The Ilkley Cow does suffer from limited street-parking; however, there is lots of parking directly behind it but, with no signs, you would be forgiven for not knowing this.

The food – I could genuinely have chosen literally everything on the menu. It is very rare that I struggle to choose from a menu because everything appeals. My wife and daughter were in a similar mind-set. We eventually ordered mussels and a sharing platter for two; however, it could easily have fed three. The pulled pork Scotch egg was mind-blowingly good. I could have just eaten four or five and left a happy man – eat your heart out, Cool Hand Luke! The sharing platter consisted of BBQ ribs, Scotch egg, chicken bites, smoked wings and brisket croquets; all with sauces and divine pickles.

For mains we had a sirloin, a fillet and a T-bone, with blue cheese, smoked bacon and peppercorn sauces, coleslaw, garlic mash, chips, tomatoes and mushrooms. Where was Desperate Dan when you needed him? The show-stopping 20-oz T-bone was right out of the Dandy comic. Each steak was cooked as ordered, seasoned well and presented perfectly. The sides were hearty, that’s for sure.

The serving staff were very attentive and certainly knew their job, as well as half the diners; this restaurant appeared to have lots of regulars, which is always a good sign.

Overall The Ilkley Cow is on a par with any steak restaurant I have ever been to. In fact, the menu is better than any steak restaurant I have dined at. But, and it’s a big but – the T-bone and the Scotch egg were the stars of the show. The Ilkley Cow is introducing a new, exciting summer menu, packed with salads and sumptuous local summer produce. Let’s hope the Scotch egg stays …

It’s a great restaurant, with great staff, great food and a nice ambiance. Yes, I would go again and I never thought I would say that about a steak restaurant.

1-2 New Brook St, Ilkley LS29 8DQ
T: 01943 602030

The Ilkley Cow
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