The world’s most expensive food


Gooseneck barnacles

 €100 each

Justin Thorne recently experimented with goose shells found along the coast of Spain for his wealthy clientele. To reach these very tasty, extremely rare shells, an average of five hunters die each year. This is a big price to pay for divers to meet the hungry bellies of wealthy clientele. 

Coffee from ferret poop

€452 per cup

In Indonesia, a local ferret species named the civet cat likes to eat beans; however, their small digestive systems cannot digest grains as a whole and in their stool can be found processed grains. It sounds disgusting, but from these grains is made a rare and expensive coffee. Many argue that the experience and enjoyment gained from drinking this coffee is worth the money.

Smoked and jazz-dried salmon  €150 per fillet

Not all dishes are expensive because of their ingredients, evident in the case of a dried salmon from Stoke Newington. In fact, the secret ingredient of their dried salmon is ‘jazz’. So, this kiln-dried smoked salmon has jazz played to it, and many believe that this is exactly what contributes to the quality of the salmon and makes it stands out from the rest!

Caviar with frog eggs

€7,250 for 250 g

Caviar is expensive in itself, the reason it is called a ‘food for the rich’. But if you want to be above the ‘average’ rich you will need to be able to afford this Caviar XL. It has, according to producer Kenneth Benning, a magical effect on your health; although this exact effect on health is not revealed, we apparently need to thank the African claw frog eggs.

The world’s most expensive food
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The Good
Authentic, rustic food
The Bad
Its not a secret anymore!

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