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Sustainability, provenance and exquisite cooking served with Yorkshire wine

Waterside’s owner-chef, Paul (pictured above), has trained with the best – Marco Pierre White at London’s famous Criterion. So it goes without saying that the food served at this Shipley restaurant is stunning.

Paul is more than just passionate about food, presentation and quality; he is relentless about sustainability and the provenance of literally everything on offer at this restaurant. I was inspired by his ethics, as this year ESTEEM is focusing on sustainability.

The fact that almost everything he uses is from our great county of Yorkshire, means that the carbon footprint is reduced significantly. Personally, I have never understood why restaurants promote, for example, Argentinian steak or French cheese, etc. We produce some of the finest ingredients in the world on our doorstep.

The Waterside restaurant has embraced this wonderful concept and is producing some of the region’s finest food. The day we met, Paul’s delivery included vegetables from a Bradford farm; meat from R&J Farm, York and fish from Whitby. Every morning Chef inspects the deliveries and either accepts or rejects the food.

The gins are from Leeds, Harrogate and Howarth; the extensive cheeseboard is all from Yorkshire. Trust me on this; if you are a turophile (a lover of cheese) you will adore this cheeseboard. Research is also underway to stock Yorkshire wine.

The milk, the cold-pressed rapeseed oil, even the micro herbs (I adore micro herbs) and the beer, is from our fine county – including Wild Greens and Saltaire.

On top of all this you can ask Chef about the provenance of anything, such as which farm your rib-eye came from and how old it is, to the day. You can ask which ship the fish came from; when it was caught.

We live in an era where we are becoming more and more environmentally aware and indeed how much harm and strain we are putting the planet under. So, guys, let’s tip our hats to this inspirational restaurant, whose chef is driving it forward in an ethical direction.

Having eaten here let me assure everyone the food is uncompromisingly good. To my mind just knowing they are making a difference means we should try to not only support them but to give them a big thumbs up and tell people about this amazing restaurant.

Waterside, we applaud you!

7 Wharf Street, Shipley BD17 7DW

T: 01274 594444
 E: rosie@watersideshipley.com
W: www.watersideshipley.com

WATERSIDE, shipley
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