What makes Grove Lane Garage the garage of choice?

Yes, we know that writing a feature about a garage is not compelling, or indeed that interesting. So, we will keep to the point and just shout about what makes Grove Lane one of the busiest garages in Leeds.

Why are we advertising if we are so busy? I agree; it’s a fair question. We advertise just to keep our name out there; no one should ever assume they will continue with success, as things can change. So, we believe it is better to trickle your name out there in the local market to hopefully avoid future quiet times.

Why are we so busy?
I am Sean, the owner (Dave, on my right in the picture, is my right-hand man), and I have owned this garage since 2005. It was established in 1972. In the 13 years since I took over the reins we have trebled our turnover and increased our daily car output to around 30 cars. “Why and how, though?” I hear you asking. My staff are all dealership trained to the finest standards. We start early and do not finish until the job is done. We all have an ethos that the client needs their car, so we do our utmost to get it back to them. I also believe that organic growth and recommendations are a massive part of our success.

We also genuinely treat every job – whether it is a spark plug or a total engine rebuild – with the same courtesy and attention. We treat clients with care and understand that you are not mechanics, so we will explain in layman’s terms, the problems and the rationale behind the pricing structure. By the way, we are on average 50% cheaper than a main dealer,
with dealership trained-staff.

We also have nine loan cars, five up-to-the-minute diagnostic machines, six ramps and we are a fully registered MOT station. I know that bit got boring, but it had to be said.

Our staff attend regular courses; as cars are developing so fast we must stay ahead of the game. This reduces time spent
wondering and means more time doing, keeping your bill down – one of the reasons we get repeat business. We are also very
proud to belong to The Master Guild of Technicians.

We are based conveniently close to Leeds city centre. So if you work near, give us a call, get your loan car booked in – job done.

Our customers always expect the highest levels of customer service when they visit us – this is what we deliver, and your satisfaction is paramount.

Our team of qualified and experienced technicians uses the latest facilities and diagnostic equipment to provide a comprehensive service to meet your vehicle’s maintenance needs.

We strive to maintain our high standards of service and can provide substantial savings on main dealer prices. With
a reputation that exceeds customer expectations you can be assured of excellent results for the right price.

Straight talking
Unfortunately, car garages and mechanics are stereotyped. But the laddish, over-charging and patronising stereotype is a
thing of the past for us and couldn’t be further away from our garage.

We are a family-run business and pride ourselves on being understanding, patient, straight talking and approachable to both male and female clients.

Charity work
We love working for West Yorkshire Medic Response Team, which is basically like Air Ambulance but a car. We do everything for free – the servicing, tyres, breakdowns; anything they need. It’s our way of giving a bit back. You never know, one day they might save your life.

We really specialise in tyres across the entire range (I know, boring again), but let’s face it; most of us need ‘em and we all look for a good price. If you want it, we get it; however, we love Davanti tyres. They really are very good and amazing value; just because you may not have heard of them does not mean
they are rubbish. They really are remarkable value for such a quality tyre.

Thanks for reading and please do give us a shout; we think you will like what we do!

Grove Lane, Headingley,
Leeds, LS6 4AQ
0113 274 1113


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