What’s your Rolex called?

Steve McQueen to Bart Simpson, Rolexes and their nicknames

Rolex ‘Paul Newman’

Joanne Woodward gave her husband this model Rolex chronograph when he took up motor racing. After he appeared on the cover of an Italian magazine wearing the wristwatch, the ‘Paul Newman’ was born. The legendary actor is said to have worn the Ref. 6239 in the 1969 motor racing movie Winning, which also starred his wife. The Art Deco font and square-ended indicators in the subdials differentiate the ‘Paul Newman’ from other Daytonas.

Rolex ‘Fat Lady’

Following the transitional GMT Master Ref. 16750, Rolex introduced the Ref. 16760 that would mark the beginning of a new era. Now dubbed the GMT Master II, this reference featured an all-new Cal. 3085 movement, along with a new black and red bezel configuration. However, what earned it its unofficial title was its case, which, in comparison to other GMT Masters, is noticeably thicker, giving it additional presence on the wrist, and making it a modern rarity within the GMT Master line.

Rolex ‘Pepsi’

In the minds of collectors, the most iconic variant of the GMT Master is, and always will be, that with the classic red and blue bezel insert configuration. From the original Ref. 6542 to the most recent, maxi-cased ceramic Ref. 126710BLRO, the Rolex has maintained this GMT Master colourway over the years. Given that this colour scheme is also shared with the famous Pepsi ‘globe’ logo, collectors affectionately refer to this variant of GMT Master bezel insert simply as a Pepsi.

Rolex ‘Steve McQueen’

The original Rolex Explorer II Ref. 1655 is popularly known as the ‘Steve McQueen’, even though the actor apparently never sported the wristwatch himself. Instead, he wore the Submariner Ref. 5512, notably on his right hand. Aficionados attribute the misnomer to an article printed in an Italian journal in the mid-1970s. First released in 1971, the timepiece’s distinctive orange 24-hour hand earned it its Italian moniker, ‘Freccione’, or ‘big arrow’.

Rolex ‘James Cameron’

Popularly known as the ‘James Cameron Deepsea Sea-Dweller’, this Rolex commemorates the Oscar-winning writer and director’s successful 2012 Mariana Trench expedition, when he became the first solo explorer to reach the deepest point on Earth, 35,787 ft beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean. In 2014, Rolex presented Cameron the first watch at the premiere of the documentary of the excursion, Deep Sea Challenge 3D, in New York. The wristwatch features a gradating blue-to-black dial with ‘DEEPSEA’ inscribed in chartreuse, the same colour as the explorer’s submersible.

Rolex ‘Batman’

The affinity for nicknaming Rolexes means sometimes the slightest coincidence may inspire a new sobriquet. The black and blue colours of the ceramic bezel of the GMT-Master II are often associated with the superhero character, Batman. Introduced in 2014, this model has also been called ‘Bruiser’ and ‘Phantom’, and features three lines of text identifying the style.

Rolex ‘Kermit’

Despite celebrating an important anniversary, this Submariner is dubbed with the light-hearted nickname ‘Kermit’. The vivid green bezel was intended to signify the brand, but incited comparisons to Jim Henson’s affable Muppet character. Issued in 2004, the anniversary timepiece is no longer in production. ‘LV’ stands for ‘Lunette Verte’ and the ‘maxi’ style dial features slightly larger hour markers and a thicker minute hand.

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