7 stages of love

Which one is your relationship


A person who falls in this kind of love can’t think of anything or anyone else except that person as his/her mind is filled with the thoughts of their meeting. Usually, based on chemical attraction, it’s pretty short-lived and may last for about a few months or a year too. It may change into a more complete version with time; however, there’s no certainty of it.


This kind of relation is more on the lines of a good friendship instead of complete love and people are generally connected on the basis of common interests and understanding. The couple shares personal details but likes to feel free without any promise. They know each other well, are generally honest in the relationship and don’t hesitate in frankly telling if any of them is wrong. 

Empty Love

It is said to be empty love when there is no passion or intimacy between the partners and they stay with each other solely for money, kids, status, etc; nevertheless, they neither have any physical attraction nor do they share personal thoughts. A strong but deteriorated relationship can turn into empty love later in life.

Fatuous love

In this type of love, two persons feel attraction towards one another and to stay together, they don’t hesitate in sharing household chores, exchanging vows and getting married. According to psychologists, these types of couples have the ability of staying together for long; nevertheless, the sense of friendship is absent from their relationship.

Companionate love

In such kind of love what you look for the most in your partner is companionship, no matter what you need someone who would be with you no matter what. Someone who is your all-weather soulmate, such partners are rare to find never lose them.

Romantic Love

Couples in such kind of love experience passion and intimacy but are devoid of commitment. Such partners feel attracted towards each other and they love to spend time together. However, despite enjoying each other’s company, they are not ready for serious commitment. In this kind of love, couples barely tie the knot or live together.

Consummate love

It is considered to be an ideal love in view of the fact that it has all the elements, i.e., passion, commitment and intimacy. Undoubtedly, they all are not on the equal levels, yet the presence of every element is a noteworthy point.

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